About Museum

Seahorse Museum was founded at the beginning of 80's in small Croatian, once fisherman's and now beautiful touristic place Baška Voda . It was a private idea and project of Mr. Ante Jurišic and his way of materialising love towards spectacular Croatian sea and nature in general.

At its early days this predominantly Malacological collection consisted mostly of the Adriatic seashells, fishes and crabs, but as all the world seas must sooner or later reach Adriatic, more and more new exhibits was telling the story about the neighbors of the Adriatic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Today the Seahorse M useum  is established cultural,  and therefore touristic landmark of the Baska Voda, where each year something new appears on the shelves and in the hearts of visitors.


About malacology

Malacological science arose ca. 2,500 years ago. Much work has since been invested in researching and cataloguing the wonderful sea molluscs. But, no matter how much effort will be invested more, malacology will always be 99% admiration and amazement, and 1% science. This thought led us when designing the display of the exhibits.

About responsibility towards nature

We oppose any unreasonable or unnecessary hunting of any species anywhere in the world. Disregarding the nature means disregarding its Creator and endangering the people; those who are and those yet to come.

Obtaining any of the museum exhibits from our collection did not endanger population of any kind. All specimens were obtained from the time when their hunting was allowed and the existence of the species has not been compromised.

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